Schedule for learners
Start dateCamp Phase
6th November to 26th November 2022 Registrations
27th November First session- Introduction and Orientation
30th November to 6th December 2022 Ice Breaking Sessions
7th December to 15th December 2022 Introduction to Free Software phase
17th December to 24th December 2022 GNU/Linux Installation phase
25th December 2022 to 25th March 2023 Mentoring phase

Public Sessions

07-December-2022 02:00 PM (IST) What is Free/Libre Software? ...why it should matter to you and how to choose a free life by Abhas Abhinav

Abhas is a hacker, entrepreneur and free software activist. He runs a Free Software business DeepRoot GNU/Linux, providing support and services for Free Software and Mostly Harmless, a ethical source for libre and liberated hardware products.

17-December-2022 08:00 PM (IST) Experiencing Debian as a Free and Open Source Software by Caleb Adepitan

Caleb is a ex-Debian Outreachy intern.

18-December-2022 11:00 AM (IST) Who are we? ('We' means VGLUG) by Haripriya and Vijayalakshmi, Volunteers of VGLUG (Villupuram GNU/Linux Users Group )

Viluppuram GNU/Linux Users Group (Viluppuram GLUG) is a non profit organization that started in 2013. It is a social movement that works towards enlightening the masses with the essence of free software, encourages liberation of knowledge, disseminates free software's ideological implications to as many people as possible. They also help create awareness about free software in schools and higher educational institutes.

18-December-2022 06:00 PM (IST) Introducing Prav app project - A beginning of data freedom movement by a cooperative society by Ravi Dwivedi

Prav App is a Free Software powered Instant Messaging app and service based on federated xmpp protocol and managed as a cooperative to replace WhatsApp monopoly.

20-December-2022 05:30 PM (IST) Contributing to Open Source Softwares- the challenges, experiences, and rewards by Sunday Cletus Nkwuda.

Sunday is a passionate Software Engineer and a Linux contributor having a good experience building Web apps with JavaScript ( Reactjs & Nodejs ) and contributing to the Debian Linux/GNU.